New Tune - W.I.P

Yo Sonic-team currently working on a new project and i just played these 2 parts recently. I would love some constructive critisism :).

Choir Strings and Lead by Philip Barkow

All subjective thinking:

You definately found a nice set of chords and the sound is very fitting as well. Try to get them as wide as possible and also try to make them rise through the track.

About the notes in the lead you could simplify it a bit and do 5 straight on the same note, then do that transition (high-low-high-low-high) and then 5 straight again and so on so it’s easier to follow it. For me it’s like if I hear a tracks lead 2-3 times and it’s simple but moving it’s easy to like it and remember it.

It’s your track though so don’t listen too much on that advice :slight_smile:

About the sound in the lead I’d try to get it to stand out more, dunno if it’s the right expression, maybe by (more) reverb/detune/compression or.

Looking forward to hear the final result!

Cool advices there Henke :slight_smile:

I’ll look into it

Yeah if the lead had a bit more of verb to it. it would sound pretty cool.

Try using a Saturator on it. You will get some cool results.