New tune

hey guys new track just complete, would really like some some feed back, as its probally my best track yet (i think so any way lol) cheers

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

i liked it except for electro stab and the hoover sound :stuck_out_tongue: not really my thing i guess but it sounds pretty decent :slight_smile:

lol thanks mate!!

wont start a new topic but heres a sample of next tune im working of if anyone is keen for a listen… cheers ARI

hey man, you can get things mixed up with some additional drum fills, change up the kick/snare hits once in a while to keep things flowing nicely… you could get some other instruments introduced also apart from the voice glitches to bring out the tune…

decent start man

Cheers man heres what ive finished up with

Sample of of new track im working on

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

any feedback would be awesome… cheers guys

ps. big ups to sonic academy.pretty much have been learning everything from your videos… love it!!!