New tunes ..How about some Feedback

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better quality at

just looking for your opinion

25 views and no one wants to give any criticism at all…??? WTF!?

I guess indifference is a comment of some sort.

hey blackmath … your track aint indifferent its different… kinda system 7 ish .i think its well put together- do you play your own instruments (Guitar )? all in i really liked the track  nice and chilled only the vocals were a bit much. i feel if you used them in a breakdown situation  they would have more of an impact. but good work man i like it alot:)

yeah its just me and Ableton… I’m just starting to learn it and it has been so much fun…I’m a total studio recluse now…

Thanks for your comments…

when you referred to the vocals do you mean they’re too featured (loud) or like they’re cheesy? or what?

and thanks for turning me on to system 7 …never heard of them

listening to their tracks now.

vocals are good just used a bit much for the track imo :slight_smile:

also i need to get out more im turning into a studio recluse too :smiley:

new tune " Jupiter Beach"

also my fist attempt at mastering.