New tutorial suggestion

Hi guys, just would like to say that last minimal tutorial was kick *** but i bring a new suggestion:

What about a psytrance tutorial?!

For me psytrance is a really top style, it’s way different from Tiesto’s trance, i suggest a closer look, there are very interesting basslines like Astrix, Shanti and GMS.

Or very interesting melodic lines like Infected Mushroom and very good use of filters like Sesto Sento.

There are some psytrance artists figuring between the DJ Mag top 100, one of my favourites Astral Projection is there #94 followed by Mr. Fat Boy.

I would be delighted with such a tutorial showing the tricks of those masters of e-production.

That’s it, i had my saying.

Ric, keep the good work, it’s really amazing, i’m considering 6 months in Belfast haha.

psy trance was one of the first styles i produced 12 years ago.

post some links to youtube tracks for me to listen to.

there are some commonalties between normal trance and psy trance so i might add it is as a module in the on going trance tutorial.

I am really happy to read it Phil, if the session comes up i will let my psytrance friends know and they will definatelly be interested in it. Thanks for the feedback! Keep the good work up.