New Uplifting Trance Track


I just finished this Track today, it would be great if i could get some constructive criticism maily about the mixing aspect. Thank you for all answers in forward!


I think the mix could be a bit brighter in places and some of the mud removed with some hi pass filters.

The bass note you have in there dosnt sound right to me… think its a G# to my ears it should be a C#… maybe you are going for a really moody atmosphere tho. ive added a bassline i think fits with the track for you to try.

Ive added the ANA preset too just in case you like it :wink:
Nebula Bass.preset (1.1 KB)

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Thank you for youre feedback!

The bass note is right (main lead notes are G# and C#) all bass notes are playing the first note of a chord. I tried a few moments ago youre tipp with the C# note, it sounds not good to me (and the root note is G# in this track). Everything which need´s a high pass filter has one. In which frequency area you think is some mud?

to my ears Percussion at the start & pads are too heavy… id be dipping some wide 400-800hz EQ to lighten them up.

The bass sounds nice and thuddy but the note is lost on me. almost sounds like percussion rather than a bass…I would be trying to open the filter env up a bit to let the tone of the note come through. again maybe you are going for a darker menacing disonant atmosphere in which case you are on the right track.

I tried all youre tipps a few moments ago. and i noticed one bass layer is a bit to much compresed, wich i purposed to let this layer sound more agressive (this is why its sounds a bit like a percoussion) it sounded a bit better but i think a small part of the charme and athomsthere is then lost.

my main decision was to let the track sound gigantic and yes dark of course.

are there any tracks you like that are in the same genre? it would guve me a better idea of where you are heading.

So after some reworking i updated the link of this Track. Now i think it is a much better result as before.