New Upload! Just in time for the Summer!

Summertime (FrankieP’s Chillin’ In The Sunset Mix) by frankiepbsnystudios

I did this remix for Robert last year as part of a competition he held.The original mix was chosen as one of the finalists that led to a chance to remix his other song “The Joy Never Ends”.

I love this song so much that I had to come back and revisit it.I added some live bass (played by the wonderful David Berry) to give it a more “summery” feel.This is the “Keyapella” version of the mix. Enjoy!!!

You can check out Robert Anton at:

[url]So You Wanna Be A Singer


YouTube Video of the original song:

You can order (or download) Robert’s newest CD “Bigger Than Me” at


or on iTunes:

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i like it dude but youve left the drums on mute.


[quote]jpgetty2win (26/06/2010)[hr]i like it dude but youve left the drums on mute.


I was expecting like a big drop for the Drums but i think he did mute the Drums :slight_smile:

LOL! As I noted, this is the “keyapella” version of the track. Just the vocals, some instruments, and no drums. I will upload the full remix and the dub version soon so watch this space.