New Videos

This might be a dumb question or it may be addressed somewhere else that I’ve yet to see but how often does the team here at SA upload new videos? I subscribed thinking there would be a lot of new content constantly updating but I’ve not seen much in the way of anything new or useful since I signed up. Thanks for the help

This thread should answer your question :slight_smile:


i’m sure the plan is to release more content regularly, but i would say that SA team are more concerned about getting the website running 100% first.

as far as i remember reading the content is up to schedule for last month :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help couldn’t find that thread when I looked. Cheers!

I swear when i signed up the site said it would have weeky dates but that doesnt seemed of happened

here you go -

we do try to publish something new every week but that is not always possible with bigger pieces of content.

in the last 3 weeks we have had music theory, tribal and tech tips this week.