New Work in Progress need ideas

personally i think it sounds fairly good with no synths in it but I need some help on what type of synth to use in the introbr
all feedback welcomedbr
i’m thinking some sort of pluck with a deep pad but not sure :br

you definatly need a synth. like now! you just gave us a beat, percussion, and a simple bassline at the drop. btw that voice: did somebody die right there? Sounds like it. br
add a killer synth to the intro and a killer melodie with the killer synth in the break. br
the noise build up sounds nice. br
do that and will be better. just my personal opinion,

Haha man tell me about it didn’ realise that the do it was pitched down that much I pitched it up already :slight_smile: depends what type of track youre going for though there’s isn’t much of that whole killer synth that youre talking about in minimal so just have to wait and see what way I go with it not sure yet though

okay. do it! i hope to see that track polished up with a nice synth and stuff