NewTrack RAZ

Hi Guys,

very stripped back Techy Track and very stripped back setup.Drums out of Rytm and some vst synths mostly repros.


Hi There !

Found your track very great ! When listening, you noticed the out of sync drums only by the end, with the other elements playing ( synths & voices ) it blends together and gives a nice feel to the track in fact.

I was expecting that snare & clap sound to bring more tension earlier in the track like what you’ve done at around 6:15 ( using a kind of typical 80’s drums reverb, like it ).

The track could benefit of mixing & mastering adjustments, I think the lows could be push back a little in terms of presence & levels. Also by the end, I have notice that you have a kind of continuous feedback loop, can’t tell you if it’s a setup issue or a soft-synth, but it’s there.

If we crank up the volume of the track, there’s quite a lot of distortion happening, so watch out for overall levels :wink:

But again, great track, entertaining, you’re writing you use mostly Uhe Repro soft-synth but you reach a very nice analog feel & at certain time it reminds me the modular sound of Birgir Thorarinsson ( Biggi Veira ) from GUS GUS.

Great work !

Hey Man,

thank you, really good feedback. I already try to consider your findings, lot of issues found :joy: and hopefully solved more or less properly.