Next how to sound like...steve mulder!

Please make the next HTSL Steve Mulder, one of my favourite producers his tracks are amazing. Always being rinsed by Carl Cox his style is quality…For those who are unfamiliar check out…

Style is Techno (Funky, Progressive)


The Main Event… - -

Spring Break…Carl Cox plays Steve Mulder - Spring Break @ Dance Valley - YouTube


Cube 72 - Flight Path (SM RMX)…Carl Cox plays Steve Mulder's Remix of kube72 - Flight Path @ Space Ibiza - YouTube

Alex Dias - Materia (SM RMX)… -

Steve is the man, and a top guy too

Check out his remix of ‘Gabriel Ben - Days Of Detroit’ on my label ‘Mad Hatter Recordings’ he told me he thought it was his best remix to date when he’d finished it.

He’s sending a a new remix he’s done of mine and Beatmodes track over tonight, so looking forward to that one.

Mulder Rocks deff a good one for HTSL

Yes mate, sounds sick, what software do u use to make tunes pal? Currently tryna get Mulder for a new night were puttin on in Manchester. In the early plannin stages. Cant wait guna b a mint one…