Next pc to buy! (help me choose)

Ok guys

Next week im going to buy my next pc, I have 3 in mind but dont know which one to choose.

This one:

vs this one:

vs this one:

The last one seems like the more powerfull one, but I will be using this computer to produce music + run my business. It should be able to handle both tasks.

One question, if I buy one of those PCs, will I need to erase the computers memory to upgrade to windows 7 ?

So ya help me choose one!

hum …

buy a mac … you’ll improve your work, it’ll be easier, faster, stronger :smiley:

more than ever :wink:

out of the 3 i would go with the last one.

but the best thing would be either bulid your own or get someone to bulid it for you.

might even be cheaper and you would get a better spec!

I would purchase a Mac as well. Very Very Very powerful machines, extremely reliable, and the support is out of this world. A PC will get the job done, but I would expect problems eventually.

Buy a mac, too many problems with pc, mac are fast and reliable…:w00t:

+1 for Macs. If you have the money, spend it on something reliable.

The 3.06ghz 4gb RAM Mac Book Pro is awesome.

Once the warranty is up, you can get an additional 4gb RAM for £80. Do not buy additional RAM from Apple! £800 for 4gb :w00t:

I might be wrong be dont think upgrading the ram effects the warranty. I agree apple are bandits when it comes to charging people for ram, also there screens are daylight robbery.