Nexus 2 group buy?

whats the chance of SA getting together people for a group buy of nexus 2 with all the expansions as this thing costs a mint.
also i herd u guys just did a sylenth group buy is there any way to get in on this still or do i just have to cough up the $$$ ???

Yep I’d be in for sure matey, lets round up some people so we can all flog this synth!!

its not a synth guys, its a sample player & and extremely over priced one at that, i do like the samples and i know Nexus two has all the new modulation features but to be fair i wouldn’t pay much above £50 for nexus and all the sounds.

if you can get it down to that price the yeah count me in :slight_smile:

Agreed in that Nexus is an overpriced rompler.

Apparantly there’s a fully fledged synth under the Nexus bonnet all nicely hidden away from the user in order to extort (too strong a word I know) more cash out of potential mugs …oops I meant to say customers :slight_smile:

Have seen how much they want for Nexus plus its expansions?


You could buy a Virus TI which imo blows Nexus out of the water and get change.

Really the only good thing about Nexus imo is its trancegate patterns.

The effects are some of the worse I’ve ever heard in a soft synth and usually get switched out by most users.

[quote]krome (8/25/2009)[hr]Have seen how much they want for Nexus plus its expansions?


To be fare though Krome you do get 12 skins with that :slight_smile:

Never realized it was so expensive. You could get a moog voyager for that and still have enough left for a turkey sub!

the thing that bothers me with nexus is that if you use a DAW you already own the equivalent to nexus.

take logic for instance if you take a bunch of multi-sampled instruments (these come with most sample cds) spend a bit of time setting them up in EXS24 add Delay designer & Space designer and learn a bit about logics environment to created gates and arps then you already have nexus topped imo

maybe one of the sonic team could run through a logic Environment tutorial

covering Arpeggiator, Chord Memorize, Midi Gate, Transformer

Not worth it IMO