Nexus 2

A buddy of mine recently picked up a copy of Nexus 2 and I had a chance to fool around with it for a little and was really liking it…

Anybody have any opinions on it?? I was thinking about getting a copy for myself

It is really nice for ready-to-go sounds etc, easy to use. It is really helpful especially when you are beginning to produce but it is also overly used by likes of Avicii etc.

I would suggest you on picking up a synth as Nexus2 is a rompler, you can not alter the sounds in it. Soon or later you will have to deal with synthesizers etc so I would suggest you to work on synthesis and creating your own sounds, or simply create similar sounds that nexus has.

It can be done easily with synths.

There’s loads of stuff you can do with the sampled sounds that Nexus holds. It’s not a simple rom player.

If you liked playing/fooling around with it, you might consider buying it. You can get loads of add-ons for it as well. It is expensive though, but you can start off instantly :wink: