Nexux2 worth the investment?

Just wanted to know if anyone here has had the chance to mess around with Nexus2 by reFX. I was thinking about investing in the romulator but I don’t personally know anyone that uses it. Any opinions? Thanks…


i don’t think that nexus is worth the money in the long run. it does sound great and is very easy to use (mainly because it’s sample’s) has very little cpu usage and great built in effects, but to keep nexus sounding fresh and upto date you’ll need deep pockets, personally if you wanted all of those sounds that nexus has with out having to spend out on it for the rest of your life then save up the cash and buy a virus ti, i know to start with the virus has a bigger price ticket but 2 or 3 years of buying sound sets for nexus and the virus would have been the cheaper option and much more synth for your money.