NI Massive - recording automation

right so i have been using the youtube vids showing how to use the lfos to modulate bass sounds using massive

but when i try to record / automate it doesnt record the movement only keeps it onthe current setting all thru playback of the recorded audio

i have tried it in cubase and ablketon

can anybody help?

it doesnt evewn let me draw in the automation

this is very annoying - i can get some great lfo’d sounds but it wont record them ffs!!!

It should let you automate, I do it in Logic all the time by switching on latch mode and tweaking whichever parameter interests me, you can link parameters to external controllers if you like the live thing, so you should have a similar sort of thing in the other DAW’s.

The below is a weird yet good vid for what I think you’re trying to do (Abelton):

- YouTube


i use this all the time. for ableton just click the feature you want to automate and it should pop up under the massive automate box so when you are in the arrange window and on your massive track it will say massive then the box under that should also say massive then what ever parameter you click on in massive will pop up in the 2nd grey box.

no sorry - i didnt explain right

it will record the automation if i directly move one of the knobs on massive - filter cut off for example

but when i link one of the lfos to the box below the filter cut off, it will only playback the current setting.

so while its playing i increase/decrease the green circle round the cut off knob and i also increase / decrease the ratio within the lfo - making the sound move around

but when i play it back the movements of these parameters are not recorded

only the setting at which i last stopped is played back

when i open up the boxes in the arrangement view there is a line showing automation of the filter cut off but it is straight - it will allow me to draw in automation but that defeats the whole point of using the lfo to do it!

can someone tell me how to get round this?

got it - i just had to download the update version

the version i had didnt allow for automation of the lfo bit that i wanterd to automate

got the ansswer on the ableton forum

never occurred to me it wouldnt be possible in one version and then possible in the update

Maby its just me… but I find the easiest way to do automation in ableton for LFO is by using the PEN tool in ableton. set your quantization for what you want to change notes by, and have at it. the trick is to memorize the values to ableton automation like .64 = 1/16. That way when you are automating you can just draw them in the with the pen exactly where you want them to be.

yeah thats what i want to do

but at first it wouldnt allow any automation on the lfo rate

i could move it around but it wouldnt be recorded

the later version of massive allowed this as they obv reaslised people wanted to make wobbly basslines