NI Razor with Ableton question

I’ve made a bass patch I’m quite happy with in Razor which has multiple controls linked to the mod wheel. I want to automate the mod wheel movement but can’t seem to find the automation track for it anywhere. I can click on any of the controls in Razor and the automation track will update in the timeline for that control so that works, but I just can’t find the mod wheel automation track anywhere. Is it because I’m driving multiple controls that its not available? I’ve also tried recording the automation of the mod wheel and when I play it back the automation plays fine and I can view the midiclip mod wheel automation- however the automation track is nowhere to be seen. br
Any ideas?br

Its Under Midi control in the envelopes section of the clip

Thanks, but how do I get that to appear in the timeline so I can automate over a number of loops of the midiclip and not just within the clip itself?

im not sure yu can… you could try recording it in live from your keybaord?

Could you unlink the clip envelope? - sorry I’ve forgotten the exact term and I can’t check from where I
That way you can set up the modulation in the clip itself to run over however many bars you want regardless of the length of the actual clip.

Unlinking did the trick. Thanks :slight_smile:

Glad I could help. Dunno if it’s the best solution (it may be) but as long as it

Can you not put Razor into an instrument rack and assign the parameters you want to automate to the Macro controls?br
This is how I do it with Massive.