Nicky Romero Kick - Help from the pros

Hi gang!

need some help with Nicky Romero’s Kick… so here’s my problem in a nutshell.

I have some really good psytrance kicks shared by some artists friends of mine, so I don’t really need to move much in these kicks, however, in different bass tones some slight changes are necessary regardless of how good a kick is in order for it to fit properly with the bass. So… I load in a kick to the Nicky Romero Kick and tadaaaa… kick sounds nothing close to the original kick. Is there a way to load the kick without changing anything in it until you actually start aproching the tweaks yourself? or Is there a way to tweak the settings back to scratch?

Thanks in advance to every one!


So when you load an audio file into KICK it is only using the audio part to act as the “Top” to your KICK
The main sound you will be hearing is from the SUB section.

To be able to tweak an individual drum sound - you first would have to create it in kick.
Which would mean high passing your KICK drum sample to leave just the click element
Then using the SUB to recreate the body - you will get there by A/B’ing between your original kick drum audio file and your sound in kick.

After you have a patch created you can then tweak the sub to your liking to fit every scenario you come across. It’s all in the prep as usual!

Thank You so much!

Ive started playing more with it! High passed the kick i was using, got it into kick and still didnt Sound as i tought it would but still was able to obtain a very satisfying result!

Thanks a lot for your help, im one step closer and very close to sounding like my favorite artists Thanks to this!

Cheers my friend!