Niky romero license key

hi, I buy today and I have a problem with niky romero kick, I don’t registered license key… i’t’s demo mode, my license keys is:hehe: in mac application , what problem?? help….:hehe:

hi , it"s good for me , I’m arrived to registered my license key …:D:hehe:… sorry but I"am a neophyte in mao and also plug-in, tutorial and dawn are in english… I watch but I don’t understanding correctly… sorry to be a french froggy"s… and for my english language… enjoy the muzzikk…:wink:

No problem. Your English is much better than my French. I can barley count to 10 in French.

Hello! I already want to apologize for my english horrible to read. br
I just take the vst and what is the instalation on mac, when I get the license key, the message “existing license Could not be deleted” error appears … I do not know what to do. br
and thank you google translation. pleasurebr

up please

Try here to see if you can fix

ok thx your answer but i test every possibility and every time i have this message?!!!

sorry but i pay 4 day ago for this vst and i play with demo… i m little be nervous

Please contact