No idea what style it is, but something's off

made this song during my last trip to germany, and i find it quite cool. it doesn’t feel to me that something is missing in the arrangement, but it doesn’t sound round and i have no idea what. maybe it’s the space.

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Hey Jefferson,

Quite a cool track actually, nice one, like the 80’s sounds & vibes in there and the kind of Kraftwerk feel for the style ( which is kind of funny if inspired during a trip to Germany )

Yes I think you point it right with the space, the use of reverb on the main snare and the synths will give a another dimension to the track I think. Gated reverb was commonly used in the 80’s, there’s a load of YT vids about that, could be cool to try to implement that here, since the main snare is also dominating in terms of level, gated reverb could damp it a bit while creating a nice effect and space too ( though you don’t want to push the effect too hard like the famous Phil Collins sound also ).

Nice one anyway, cheers !

there is a sidechained gate on the snare reverb. Maybe the settings are not the best and I use the kick 2 plugin as input instead of the actual snare drum. I don’t see any option to use an instrument from a drum rack as sidechain input on a return effect within the same drumrack. Also the snare sample(s) itself have some reverb on it. Maybe making the gate tighter? But I also like the snare. Has the feeling of a bunch of no-future emo kids dancing in a dark basement. Just the rest doesn’t really fit. I mean it’s supposed to sound a bit off to have a feeling of honesty and amateurishness, but it’s just too much. The instruments play all in their own space. Added a reverb on the mix but seems to not be that easy to fix the issue.

You can always temporarily mute the unwanted parts within your drum rack and then render an audio track from the desired part and use this new audio channel as a side chain ( you just need to mute it’s output ).

Maybe but it would be interesting to filter out the low end using a send reverb with a filter & gate/compressor on it just to apply reverb on the snare tail.

Yes, that won’t help that much, I was more thinking about dedicated ( on the channel or send effect ) reverb for the synths, fine use of delay and panning could also really accentuate the space feeling. But actually, there’s a kind of nice 80 feel to the track because of this centered perception, so yes, you’ll have to try different things to see where it brings the tack since it could drastically change the overall feel of it.