No output with ANA 2 when re-opening a saved project using the "JP Square PWM" waveform

Sorry if I seem upset, but I am!
I really enjoy the sounds I can produce from Ana 2.0, but what a headache of problems this synth produces. I use Ableton 10.1

I thought having to click the re-enable automation button every time I have to open Ana 2.0 or load a saved project was time consuming, annoying and workflow breaking. You can even create a new project, create a Ana 2.0 MIDI track and add a simple frequency automation to it and now your stuck having to click the re-enable automation button over and over again. Super annoying, especially when your working on a large project and forget to click that re-enable button and make changes to something that you wouldn’t have because the sound was different.

But this just baffles me. Hopefully someone else has experienced this and knows how to fix. Or maybe I should just get a refund, because having to deal with these issues just destroys my creative workflow. Instead of making music I’ve been trying to figure out this problem for the past hour now.

So I have a project, multiple Ana 2.0 tracks and everything is working fine.
Save the project to come back later after giving ears a rest. Open the project and all works just fine (after clicking the re-enable auto button), except for 1 track with Ana 2.0 on it.

This track won’t output any sound at all until I duplicate the track! Like really what is going on here, this track was working perfectly when I saved it out, but now by simply opening the file it won’t output sound. And of course after duplicating the track I have to re-enable the automation on it.

The track is not muted, it’s producing sound just no output. Nothing corrects this until I duplicate the track. After duplicating the track the newly created track works perfect, so I delete the initial track.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and know how to correct it?
This is Ana 2.0 x64 on Ableton 10.1

Just wanted to add that no settings are being changed.
Everything works I save the project > I close down Ableton. > I open Ableton. > I open the project. > Track does not output sound. > I duplicate track > newly duplicated track works perfect so I delete the initial track that had issue.

As another test I deleted Ana 2.0 from the rack and threw on Serum. Saved the project, shut down and re-opened everything worked perfectly. Deleted Serum, threw Ana 2.0 back on and saved the project, shut down and re-opened and track does not output again. Think it’s safe to say this is def. an Ana 2.0 issue.

So after more testing I noticed that this is all being caused by the Waveform inside Ana 2.0 x64 being deleted or set to “none”.

After restarting Ableton and trying to play the track that doesn’t work I can load up Ana 2.0 and see that the waveform has magically been set to “None”. If I click it (to change the waveform) the waveform that it’s supposed to be using is still selected. So I have to deselect it or select a different waveform, then select the waveform it’s supposed to be using.

So why is Ana 2.0 x64 removing this 1 waveform when saving my project, closing down Ableton and then re-opening the project?

Ok so the waveform this was happening with is the “JP Square PWM”. I switched out the waveform to something else, saved project, shut down Ableton, opened project and everything is working correctly and the waveform was not removed.

As soon as I switch back to the “JP Square PWM” waveform the problem starts happening again. I’ll let the devs figure out the rest, at least I sort of know what is causing the issue and how to correct it in this instance. What a waste of a couple hours…

Hey there @BioAndy

Thank you for reporting this and for the time spent to troubleshoot the problem on your end, I can understand the frustration here, but yes, unfortunately those kind of issues need some time to narrow down what could be the problem, so while it’s cumbersome to have to do so, it’s not a waste of time and sadly when dealing with audio software & Daw, you’ll have to get into those time consuming troubleshoots from time to time.

Edited the title & changed the category of your post and pointing S.A support and the developers to it now and one more thing I would like to know in order to replicate this, is if you’re using ANA 2 plugin on Windows or Mac OS ( with details about your OS version & release ) and if on Mac OS is this happening with the AU or VST plugin version, or both ? This could also help, thank you.

@phil_johnston will do some testing on my end here, but maybe you have a better clue about what could be the problem with this waveform, thank you.

Are you using a specific preset that is using the 3d Table “JP Square PWM” waveform ? I’ve been trying to replicate this using a preset but changing manually the OSC 1 waveform to"JP Square PWM" and saving Live 10.1 Project and reopening it doesn’t change the waveform to “none” for me, ANA 2 will retain the “JP Square PWM” and I still have audio output.

Tested with running 3 instances of ANA 2 in Live 10.1 on both Mac OS & Win 10 Pro here. I’m not grouping the tracks inside Live. I will try this again and try to make a video, but it would be nice if you could make one on your end showing what you’re doing and how your Live’s project is set.

As for the automation switching to “off” ( greyed ) and implies that you have to click-enable them each time you reload the project or even if you open ANA 2 GUI within the project, this is another issue and the dev. team is aware about this one.

Hi Stephane,

Since I found out how to fix the problem on my end (just use a different square waveform) I have already altered the track.

Here is some additional information that may help.
Windows 10 Pro
Ableton 10.1
Ana 2.0 x64
Preset: Acid Sync
Preset was heavily altered to suit my needs
Not sure if it matters but this was the 7th track that was using Ana in my song
At the time of the problem the only items I had on an instrument rack was Ana > Generic Compressor > EQ Eight


Thank you for the update, will try again to replicate with this preset and adding more instances of ANA 2.
I’ve been trying with several random presets and changed the OSC 1 waveform to use the “JP Square PWM” one and just saving the project in Live Suite 10.1 latest is working fine here, I do have output on all instances of ANA 2 and the ones that I modified to use the “JP Square PWM” waveform are just keeping it, no reverse to “none”.

Will add more instances and also try this specific preset.

Tested on Mac Os 10.3 and Windows 10 Pro as well.

Will update the topic if something changes during further testing.


As an ex developer myself, my thoughts are that some type of perfect storm was created where X certain conditions within that preset caused it to behave that certain way.

I wish I had saved out that tracks state to another project so I could send it to you guys, but I was really frustrated and lost like 3 hours in production time, so once I found a fix I just got my head in the right space again and started writing music.

I’m sure this issue is probably super rare, which is why it only happened on that 1 preset and not the others I had loaded. I’ll remember for next time, an issue that comes up I’ll save out the settings to another project for you guys to review.

This is also the first I have experienced this type of issue within Ana 2.0

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Yeah, I was able to replicate this under Windows 10 Pro, even with a single instance of ANA 2 and no automation, using this “Acid Sync” preset and saving the project then reopening it in Live 10.1 will switched the waveform to none, therefore no output.

You can’t get back the initial waveform by just selecting the “JP Square PWM” again, you either need to use the backward/forward arrows or select another waveform before / or, as described, duplicating the track will set everything as it was on saving the project.

It’s working fine on Mac OS High Sierra v 10.13.6 (17G7024) here.
Live 10.1 latest build & latest beta tested on both Win & Mac.

FYI @bryan_spence @phil_johnston