No sound in arrangement view on ableton

I’ve been following the hard dance tutorial, n when it came to arranging the intro in arrangement view when I pressed play no sound was there, this was wiv all the clips stopped is session view, n wen all clips r playing in session view I can hear them but when I drop them in 2 the arrangement view they just keep playing as they would in session (all of them all together), I’m new to ableton n was wondering if I had missed anything ???

Hey K.C.,

This is a problem that affects most people new to Ableton. To be honest, it affects even those of us who’ve been using it a bit longer. :wink:

What you want to do is ensure you click the “Back to Arrangement” button:

It’s the the pink button in the middle. If that’s highlighted pink, it means that Ableton will play whatever is triggered in the Session View. In order to be able to play what’s currently arranged in the Arrangement View, you need to click that button.

Hope that helps.

yes this has sorted it, thanks for the help