No sound in Kick 2 after registering offline by accident?

I can’t hear any sounds and it does not give me and option to register on line any one please thank you

Hey @Edespaghetti

First thing first, just be sure to post in the correct area & to use the appropriate forum’s category. The Beta Tester-Kick 2 Category you posted in is to report & trace issues with the latest beta version.

For any issue with the latest official release, use either the Plugins/kick Synth or the Technical Support Category.
( I updated this for you now, and also modified the title )

Also be sure to include the followings please, this is really important when reporting issues :slight_smile:

  • OS & version : i.e WIN 10 / MacOS High Sierra ( specifying the build is even better )
  • DAW & version : i.e Live Suite 10.0.6
  • Plugin Release & version used : i.e Kick 2 v1.1.1 32 bit or 64 bit

It’s important for support to know if you’re using a 32bit Daw & plugin version or a 64bit one.

Thank you :wink:

Now back to this issue, I’m not sure this is due to the registration process. You should be able to see & manage your device(s) either using the “Manage Devices” Option from the Drop-Down Menu within Kick 2 or by Login to S.A Website and going to “Your Account” and then the “My Devices” Tab.

From there you can “Revoke” your device(s) if needed.

Now please refer to page 3 from Kick 2 Manual for installation & authorization ( you can access the Manual from Kick 2 Menu or find it in your download archive ). If you installed the latest version of Kick 2 upon a demo or a previous version, you have to be sure that the new installation replace the previous plugin and that it’s installed in the matching VST location.

This is especially true on Windows, check the VST installation path during the install process. Also if on a Windows platform, be sure to use the correct 32bit or 64bit installer according to your configuration.

Re-installing Kick 2 & taking care of those should solve this problem. If on Windows, some apps like the free iobit uninstaller can help to perform a clean uninstall.

Let us know & please be sure to include the above details if you’re still having issues, thank you :wink: