No verification email

I have not received my verification email.

Im aware that things on the system can go wrong but you shouldnt be taking money in when it is clearly an on going problem and a consistent one at that.

You’ll only end up getting a bad rep over this, and none of us want that. Thats why were here (for now) and paying.

Having looked on a similar posting I made regarding this matter I see that my account has been activated.

Was answering this thread or messaging me a direct message telling me(apologising) that the problem was fixed to much. (Bryan?)

I hope my subscription is being taken from the activation date and not the payment date.

Looking forward to enjoying the tutorials after a somewhat disappointing start.


the lack of a verification email doesn’t actually effect your account in any way.

when you don’t receive this verification email you are automatically verified, so there wouldn’t have been any point in time where you weren’t able to access the site.

if you check your previous post where you asked this question before, you will see that i did answer you back regarding this issue within 24 hours

Hope this helps, and that you enjoy the tutorials!

Thanks for the feedback Bryan.

Maybe SA should review the subscription enrollment process to provide more clarity. If your told you will receive an email to verify your account you tend to wait for it, not expect it to auto verify anyway.

There are more than a handfull of cases on the forum outlining exactly the same problem and reasoning. All equally frustrated.

Thanks for getting back to me within such a short space of time, as you state, but unfortunately that was on someone else’s thread on which I was empathizing with their shared frustration.

I am only giving feedback to hopefully make a good service a great one.

yes, unfortunately im well aware of the problem, and our web dev has been hard at work on it.

hopefully it should be resolved in the next week