Node - ana 2 destination folder location in windows?

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A humble call for a little assistance for what I am sure is a very something very obvious but just not seeing.

Have purchased the NODE plugin to compliment my joy with ANA 2. Looking to set my destination folders in NODE for exporting my custom wave tables to the desired analogue or 3D wave table location/folder(s), however for the life of me, I cannot find these destination folders for ANA 2 anywhere in my windows folder directoriesā€¦

Any assistance for solution would be hugely appreciatedā€¦

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On Windows the path is as following, this is in the ProgramData folder that could be hidden by default on Windows : How To Reveal Hidden Files & Folders

C:/ProgramData/Sonic Academy/ANA 2/Waves/User/Main Osc/3D Wavetables

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Thank You So Much :pray::star2::pray:

Exactly what my brain was itching to recallā€¦ life saver! :yum:

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