Noise Oscillator missing from ANA 2.0?

Am I going mad or does ANA 2.0 not have a noise generator / oscillator that you can blend/mix into the sound???

Just bought this wonderful synth but trying to make some percussion sounds and this staple seems to be missing or is hidden somewhere?

No reference to it in the manual either?!?!?!?

The Sampler is what we use for Noise… theres a bunch of noise samples from various sources in the sample browser.

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Ahhh ok - only place I didn’t look!
It’s maybe worth putting a quick reference to this in the manual next time you update it as I searched the pdf doc for “noise” and no info apparent.
Many thanks!

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What about all the drum sounds and various other presets from ANA 1.5 ?? Some tutorials include these and though they are not hard to replicate it would be nice to have the original sounds - is there any way to access these for 2.0 ?


A bit out of topic since this thread is about Noise Osc for ANA 2, but to answer your question : unfortunately no, there’s no way to get any ANA 1.5 presets inside ANA 2, those are 2 different soft-synths and thus the presets architecture & format is totally different.

Well the noise oscillator would be the the principle oscillator used in making these drum presets - the high frequncy stuff anyway - so I think its still pretty on topic - in fact I think it is exactly the issue that the previous and initial post was referring to - so I guess the easiest way to replicate it would be to import a noise sample in to the sample oscillator and treat it accordingly - also this initial post highlights an issue with some of the tutorials which use presets from ANA 1.5 - It means we now have to re engineer these sounds or attempt to replicate them which is a bit of a pain in the arse tbh and not always entirely possible

I realise there’s not really much to be done about it - but wouldn’t it have been an excellent bit of foresight if someone redesigning ANA had maybe sampled the ANA 1.5 factory presets so that they might have been available to import into said sample oscillator - I would probably have bought that sample pack - ah well

Yep, maybe resampling ANA 1.5 factory presets could have been a workaround solution, that said, it won’t give us the same amount of control than with original presets. For the source sounds, it’s again a compatibility issue, ANA 1.5 was using .PCM files where ANA 2 is now using the .WAV format. PCM audio files aren’t easily editable for conversion since not many audio editors can open that file format, and still, even if you manage to convert those source sounds into WAV format, the preset design has then to be done again anyway.

So in the end , there’s no easy & reliable solution and we’re left with having to re engineer those sounds & presets ourselves like you mentioned. Don’t get me wrong, I perfectly understand the hassle for ANA 1.5 users, but at some point, I do think we have to accept that it’s now a discontinued product and won’t be maintained by Sonic Academy, there’s also other issues like recent MacOS versions compatibility leading to the Plug-in being broken and not usable anymore. It won’t be the 1st manufacturer to drop older product maintenance & availability, those things happen unfortunately.

Now in terms of presets, the incompatibility between ANA 1.5 & ANA 2 might be seen as a wrong move, but I think that we’re well covered with ANA 2 factory ones and the huge collection of presets packs released since it’s launch + the fact that now using WAV format for samples & being able to drag & drop our own samples onto any Sample OSC in ANA 2 is definitely a huge improvement. There’s also some upcoming updates such as Multi-Sampling and brand new sampler OSC features that would hardly have been possible using he PCM format + also MacOS notarization & Big Sur compatibility in development right now. So in the end : let’s embrace ANA 2 I think, even if that implies some sound-design work to get back some of our beloved ANA 1.5 patches :wink:

All the noise osc samples and attack samples and osc waveforms from ANA 1.5 are included in ANA 2. Just select drop downs in the sample browser to change to the Legacy folders.

Along with all the filters and envelopes from Ana 1.

There are some differences in envelop scaling and osc volume scaling but other than that they can be made to sound very close to each other.

The layout is also pretty similar so it should be pretty easy to follow along with sound design tutorials.

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Aaah Yes… Very good call from Phil here. Apologies for me focusing on the presets structure differences only :blush: Really missed an important bit here, sorry. You can access those ANA 1.5 sound sources for attacks & noises in 3 easy steps from ANA 2’s GUI and as mentioned by Phil, ANA 1.5 filters & envelopes are also available from ANA 2.

Well I don’t think I could have asked for a better answer than that - Thank you very much my friend​:+1::+1:

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And the more I dig in to this synth the more I love it so its a blessing :blush:

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