Noisia - Machine Gun

hey guys, this is my first request on here…

this is a track by the drum & bass producers noisia, but it has a bit of an electro-house/drumstep feel about it

the bassline especially is heavy as hell and i would love to know how to make something like it

it kicks in at about 1:15 in the video below

[url=]Noisia - Machine Gun (Official Video) - YouTube

i also just love the sound of their drums, leads and the overall ‘feel’ of all their songs

an ableton tutorial on this heavy, modern sound of d&b would be much appreciated


all of their tunes are really good, even if your not in to the neuro/tech DnB the production work in second to none.

A HTSL Noisia would be great. Theres drums, synths and arrangement are all really interesting.

I love Noisia - I think it would be so difficult to reproduce their basses though - they’re SO skilled at them