Noisia Style Drum and Bass

Would like very much to know how to make chunes like this.

would be lovely

+1 for drum n bass!

+1 neurofunk

+1 for excision

-1 for dub in a db forum

+1 for this as well!!!

I support this. There isnt a proper DnB tutorial for Ableton on this website, and I would very much like to have one, and if it can be geared towards replicating the dark sounds of Noisia that would be that much better

I wouldnt mind a Liquid tutorial either, or something amongst the lines of sub focus

I would resubscribe instantly if this tutorial was made. SA definitely needs a top quality DnB tutorial, be great if it was in ableton. Might pull a lot of the DOA/DnB forum members over here too!

They make all their huge sounds using Kontakt. Lot’s of layering, post-processing, and chopping using it’s sampler

zavi. If only proper quality neurofunk would be that simple to make.

we do need a proper neurofunk tutorial. Noisia or Phace oriented because they are leading this subgenre of dnb.

Honestly It’s the only type of music , I can’t make. Those synths :w00t: