not really that happy with it, its too long, maybe i should just give up

<EMBED height=81 type=application/x-shockwave-flash width=“100%” src= allowscriptaccess=“always”> noizefloor (unsigned) by MUSSELWHITE

Nice kick! :wink: :cool:

I like it - The whole thing sounds cool… but if I was to say anything about it, I’d say that the changes should happen a bit quicker.

Have that 303 coming up a bit more, then dropping off… changing again. Take everything out but the kick & bass somewhere… and build it up again.

You probably need some kind of mad sweepy noise coming up at some points. Maybe if you had a section in the middle with just the kick & bass, you could introduce something like that… not talking about white noise, or a riser particularly… but if you get a demo of Absynth ( Demos have a 30min time limit… ) and literally get a mental pad (or 2) out of it… record it & stick it through a EQ / bitcrusher / delay / reverb / comp. Do a eq or volume fade up. 

Something random like that might inspire ya! :smiley:

Do the rims need a bit of dropping in & out? You could add the proverbial reverb / delay rise to them at some point :w00t: Reintroduce them then in a bit… maybe pitch them up / down as a fill going into the ride or something. Love the way the ride /extra hats come in… bang on. Those parts really pick up the pace…

Really like it - Sounds class. Really full & heavy in my h’phones Mate. Love the bass.

Thanks for the feedback mate. I did think about a fkd up synth but could nail anything down. My thinking was to make something noisy a bit deep and not much going on. You you get those tech tracks that dont do much but you fkn love them ? That’s what I was trying. Some of the timing is off to, hats, ride coming in out etc. didn’t want it to be to formulated.

Thanks for the kick tip :wink:

12 min is far to long lol

Is it 12mins? LOL Didnt realise :smiley:

I think its all there… lots of good parts… but it probably would be better as a track thats changing every 8bars… rather than 16.

But maybe if you had that 303 coming in a bit earlier… and then replace it with a different sound.

For a trippier track, fade different sounds in & out with the crossfader in the background?

You can still have your main sounds coming up as normal regardless.

I was trying that out with 2 delayed Pad sounds in Live. Lets you keep the groove going, but the background is constantly moving… route the 2 channels through to one channel & have the reverb, delays on that… so that they share the same sound.

Just to add I recorded it live, you know on the fly. Put my headphones on add closed my eyes. Then edited bits afterwards. Think I got carried away lol that’s why it’s so long. It could be the extended album version lol could get some remixes done maybe:)

Yeah… thats great craic, isnt it - Thats what I like doing. You can get really into it.

I sometimes record different versions though. I’ll keep the original project, with no arrangement in it & rename the ones that come after that - 1, 2, 3 etc…

Personally… when I’m spending too long fkn around with it, I’ll normally cut to the chase, and go back to the start… might bring a couple of new tracks back into it.

After thats when usually then when I hit problems! Start getting tired of it for one reason or another :hehe:

Can’t really add more than you both have already - would have liked to have heard a few drops - and some pads but nothing that can’t be fixed

Nice one :slight_smile: