Nomad Spectrums Feb installment for Gendemik


1 Breath Blood and Tears

2 No House Jens Mueller

3 First Times (Rich Jones & Chris Colburn Reshake) Alan Fitzpatrick & Carl Lekebusch

4 Deitroit Feyser

5 DSGL 2 Dead Sound, George Lanham

6 Tetragrammaton (1) [Frequenza] Forest People

7 Circuit Overload Industrialyser

8 Hyms for Limbs (Ant Prescott Vocal Edit) Tom Laws

9 12 Inch (VSK Remix) Unam Zetineb


Really enjoyed those tracks, nice mix!

Especially that second track: NO HOUSE! :stuck_out_tongue:

Awkwardly groovey coming from you, expected much darker tracks.