Non melodic EDM

Hi, can you guys help me with one thing?

I need to find some Non melodic EDM track

so just post a link or embed it here would be appreciated!

I think what your mostly looking for would be techno. Even so I think most people say non-melodic as in no real lead top line or something like that but the bassline is still a melody really…

How “non-melodic” do you want it?

Some good ones I can think off:

-Oliver Huntemann - Dark Passenger

-Plastikman - Spastik

-MOTOR - Man Made Machine (Chris Liebing Mix)

-Gesaffelstein - Hatred

Thanks, gonna have a listen! well not super melodic with big chord prog etc! just really cool tracks with out big chordprogression! thanks again. The first song was something i liked

And lose the term EDM. It has such a bad taste when you stick it as a label on techno/minimal/tech-house.

EDM is more the catch phrase for music created by Afrojack, David Guetta, SHM, Avicii, and the likes.

Alex Dolby & Santos - Dama (Original Mix) [Break New Soil] from Press & Play on Vimeo.

Very good underground sound !!!, i could’t not find much tutorials about it. what helped me out a lot in my production was the tutorila deep house 2012.

Please if you have the chance keep me posted of fresh underground music, this is what i play and produce.