Noob Confusion, Instruments?

Whatsup, I just bought Ableton Live Intro for mixing and producing.  I followed the production videos but am still confused on what I should use to create my sounds and synths.  I saw the other videos that use Reaktor and Sylenth to make sounds but do I really need another $600 in plugins before I can make anything?  Ableton seems like it should come packaged with something I can use. 

Ableton comes with it’s own synths like Operator, etc. Also sampler / simpler for loading up samples and sound. But i’m not sure if they come with Ableton Intro or not?


Intro is a cutdown version of its bigger brother so your options are very limited indeed.

Just had a look at the comparison table and was shocked to see Ableton didn’t even bundle Operator.:frowning:


I hate to say it but I think if you are serious about making music your best bet is to upgrade to the full version asap. I am sure you won’t regret it as the full version of Ableton Live imo ranks as the best Host money can buy.

Probably the best option thereafter is Sylenth as its pretty easy to program has a huge amount of quality presets, sounds very good and isn’t a cpu killer.

As an added bonus the guys here at SA also use it a lot for the tutorials so its a win win synth.

As for Reaktor well its **** hot but its a niche type synth enviroment and it costs a lot of bucks :smiley:

My Advise would to be Buy yourself V-station its around £40, its almost as good as sylenth, very easy to program and there are plenty of sound sets around for it if you get stuck. if you can’t afford (or don’t want) to spend out the extra money on the ableton upgrade then sylenth may also be £100+ you don’t wanna spend. V-station is probably the best bang for buck around and is more than able to produce 99% of the sounds the average producer wants.

If you are interested in Sylenth, we’re collecting - or should i say that TommyT is now collecting - emails from everyone who is interested in getting it at a discount. Will cost around £80 with the discount, so a bargin really.

hey man i found myself in the exact same boat as you a couple of months back when i signed up here.

i still consider myself a complete novice on the production end of things rite now but i have made 2 tracks on live intro since i joined here…the biggest problem i found with intro was only being allowed use 2 plug-in synths and 8 ableton instruments at any given time.

now i know these are not the best tracks ever but they were all put together in live intro and i feel in the hands of someone more advanced than me they could really come up with good quality tracks on there but never the less not a bad place to learn.

track 1… -bean flicker- is my take on the “How to sound like” Swedish house mafia tut. i just applied all the things i learned on that tut to come up with it,

i found simpler was my biggest friend with that one for the sounds.

track 2…Water- is my take on the Tech house/Mark Knight tut.

i used the demo of sylnth on this one allot, id recommend downloading it rite now, you can follow all the tut’s with the demo (you can actually hear the demo voice over coming in once or twice in that track, iv fixed it since haha) but because of the demo voice over and only being allowed use 2 sylnths at a time i had to do allot of recording what i made on sylnth into audio tracks.

sorry the soundcloud server is down il post a link to the tracks later…but anyway like i said after reading your post all i could think is “this guy is in the exact same spot i was only a couple of months back” so if i can help in anyway just give me a shout + dont be afraid to post any problems you have here all the guys on here definitely know there stuff and from my experience you are 100% guaranteed sound advice.

iv been helped out many a time.

just keep plugging away at the tut’s on intro and the sylnth demo until you find your feet and then upgrade from intro to live 8.and add plug-ins as you go.

i upgraded 3 weeks ago so iv been messing about with the new features since.its awesome.

you need to upgrade to a full version of live first and foremost.if cost is a major concern keep an eye on for their no brainer deals .plus theres plenty of freeware out there,join kvr.

Computer Music magazine comes with a DVD CD with loads of good plug in’s you can use.