Just ordered and paid for my APC40 - got told there’s a one month wait for them to be delivered! Buggeration!

These things better be good after all that waiting is all I can say.

youll be well pleased once you get it in ur hands:)

I’llbe getting one of these bad boys too, though might go pick it up if that’s the case!

Only small issue I have is I’ve run out of desk space, need to sort that out!

where did you buy it from?

i’m in the market 4 one of these as well. i hear nothing but awesome things about them.

this was the best deal I could find… Akai Professional APC40 | Sweetwater

but looking now I see they are not in stock until next week either!

I’m in Canada though. buying from the US is a pain as I end up getting raped on Taxes. Plus 9 times out of 10 the parcel looks like it’s been fired to my house from a cannon.