(NOT MUSIC RELATED) Good Online Tutorials for Final Cut Pro

Hey guys,

I wanted to stick this in the categorized category, but it won’t let me. Can anyone recommend some good quality tutorials / resources to learn how to use Final Cut Pro X? What I’m looking for a proper tutorial similar to what you might here at SA (i.e. a How to use Logic Pro for Beginners type video series),



hmm - probably somewhere like Lynda might help with that.

PS which section would it not let you place the topic?

There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube. I was well used to FCP7 but needed to know where they had moved things to in X, and Youtube was the key. There is a guy who’s name escapes me, from New Zealand, based in NI, but also works for Big Wave Media in Dublin teaching FCPX and Motion 5 etc…a google might find him.