NOT TRUE "Download all Project Files, Samples & Resources"

Why Do Your Courses Require Additional Software Purchases? I just subscribed to Sonic Academy and one of the described features that attracted me is “Download all Project Files, Samples & Resources”. Then I find that the 1st Course I am interested, the 1st video of “How to Use Ableton Push 2” requires me to purchase additional plugins that I DO NOT want or need, SERUM and KICK2. There is no information provided on where to find and the cost of these plugins. The instructor could have used the resources included with Ableton Live 9 Suite. So Why Do Your Courses Use and Require Additional Software Purchases. I am going to request a refund!

its probably just assumed. but in fact all sounds that are made in the plugins are in fact rendered out so you can use them. so it is technically true.
this site is more geared to intermediate to advanced people. there aint no party like a 3rd party.

but really all you need is a synthesizer and creativity.

Hi @yungerd Sorry to hear this. However, we do provide all project files, samples and resources, we even provide audio versions of synths used and MIDI files so anyone can follow along with stock synths or just use the audio file provided. Nearly every producer in the world uses additional software to achieve their sound, be that synths or fx plugins and we do always endeavour to use the minimum amount of third-party plugins within the course where possible - without compromising the producer’s signature sound. There is also a list of third-party plugins provided on the course page, to inform the user of what plugins are used and we even have courses on mixing with just stock plugins Vs high-end plugins so you can learn why you may want to use high-end plugins. The synths used here are for demonstration purposes only and should impinge on the learning outcomes contained within. Hope this helps