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Notelle presents Nocturnal

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Black Octopus Sound is proud to present Nocturnal featuring vocals from world renown vocalist Notelle, and production from sound designer extraordinaire; Elliot Berger.

It’s not every day you can get your hands on vocals from someone with such a massive following, talent, and overall success in the music industry. Notelle has nearly 12 million streams on Spotify alone and has worked with such record labels as Ultra, Monstercat, Armada, Warner Music, and Proximity, to name a few. Her vocal style covers all ranges and genres from House to DnB to Pop to EDM. You name it, she can do it!

Now is your chance to get Notelle’s amazing voice on your own production! Inside the pack are loads of FX, such as chatter, atmospheres, reverses and cuts. Along with these brilliantly crafted FX are five entire songs! Each song has 20-40 stems, including full verse sections, chorus sections, adlibs, backings, and leads. All vocals are exported as both wet and dry versions, so you can add your own FX to taste.

Once you have Notelle’s Nocturnal vocal pack, you have everything you need to make a chart topping hit in no time flat! Grab Nocturnal today and make some waves!

** (Notelle) requests that you not use her name in the branding of your music, track credits, title, or artist names.
**Drums and melodic content in demo are not included in the pack. This is a vocal and vocal effects pack only.

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