Notifying Kick 2 owners about Updates/Presets

Morning all,

So Kick 2 is SA’s top selling product right? Why do I never know when it is updated without checking the site? I get at least weekly e-mails from Sonic Academy about courses I’m probably not going to take, but Kick 2 gets an update or a preset pack and…nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the courses are great but it’s not what I’m here for.

Hereby petitioning for the newsletter to contain “Kick 2 Updated” in the title whenever Kick is updated. Whatever you want to do about preset packs (like the Ost & Meyer one that I discovered on another site) is up to you, but I think it would be smart to promote them similarly.


Hi Raz

I’ll make sure to set up a KICK 2 specific Newsletter group that can be signed up to for KICK specific news :slight_smile:

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Sweet, thanks!

There should be a little button on Kick 2 that leads one to a forum and update… Just saying :wink:

Hi there,
is there a specific Newsletter group now for KICK specific news ?..
So I do not have to find out that there is an update for kick 2 through a friend that is downloading a illegal patched new version 1.04 of kick 2 :disappointed:


There will be a KICK 2 Newsletter going out with an update that supersedes v1.04

1.04 was a minor release - we had a couple more patches ready and decided to quickly push 1.05 out and will be pushing that via the newsletter to all KICK 2 users as well as including a subscription option in your account area for it

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So when is the newsletter due?

As soon as 1.05 is finalised we will inform users via newsletter