Novation bass station problem.....HELP!

i’ve just bought a bass station vst and installed it but everytime i try to use it it asks me for the serial number if i drag it into a empty slot once i enter the serial number it only shows up as a audio track and wont work the only way i can get it to work is to open a new midi track and drag it into it and enter serial number but then if i duplicate the channel the bass station on the second channel is disabled and if i open a saved project the bass station shows up as disabled also

this is really doing my head in as i waited 5 weeks for it to arrive already i’ve emailed novation customer support but i’ve not heard anything after 2 days so thought i’d see if anyone on here had had a similar experience…

thanks in advance:)

hi mate



what operating system and daw are you using?


i’m using windows vista and ableton live8:)

is it 64bit vista?

i dont know actually how would i find out? the laptop’s only three months old so i presume its the most recent version of vista

i read your post in the technical forum on sylenth been 64 bit and ableton only been 32 so went back onto the novation website to see if i could find a option to download a 32 bit version but there’s no option to do this there’s simply a windows or mac download options

i’ve never heard of anyone having this prob before and its really got me stumped…

i’ve still not heard anything from novation four days later so much for customer support lol any ideas anyone???:smiley: