Novation Impulse 49 Record Arm in Ableton and Drum Pad Range?

Hi everyone,br
Just got a Novation Impulse 49 and although I am really happy with it have a couple of questions I can’t find answers to in the manual or on Mr. Google:br

  1. Is there a way of record arming tracks in Ableton from the keyboard itself?br
  2. How do you change the note range of the drum pads?br
    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help…

too bad this haven’t been answered yet. i’ve got the same question.

I found that you can “MIDI Map” one of the Impulse’s buttons (for example, the ones below the Faders) to the “arm record” button. Like shown in this video: Novation Launchkey - Live Performance (Ableton Live Loop) - Tutorial - YouTube

Another way, is to change a hidden setting for Live, like so: Help and support for Live & Push | Ableton

If someone finds a better way, please help us out! Thanks!