Novation UK Digital DJ Tour


I have put my name down for Clapham one - if any ones around south london (we can loot the shop afterwards) :P:D;):w00t::hehe:

If you want to learn Djing you need to start Djing with turtanbles. People who use MIDI controllers are noobs and gay according to purist like Roben. So dont be a ***ing sissy and start Djing with real records. Thats how real Djs do it son. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you can also learn dj’ing on a system like traktor with good controller. It gives you the choice to dj either syncing or old fashion pitching. It just looks different but the feel of it is very similar. I have thousands of digital tracks that i havent got time for to grid. So i still dj a lot with pitching.

I just couldn’t get used to dj’ing with ableton, it didn’t feel like dj’ing to me… Still have my apc but now i use it solely for production… also still have three decks for playing my vinyls or when we have a vinyl only night :slight_smile:

Just for the record i was mixing before some people may have been born here :smiley:

I pretty sure its just a PR exercise, I am really only going to go for the freebies

Plus Live is suiting what I want to do as I can launch my own dark samples and fx on the fly with an APC

Gotta say the new twitch controller looks interesting. Can’t wait to start remixing my Jive Bunny and Stars on 45 collection on the fly at the british legion gigs.

Hey don’t knock the British Legion Circuit they give you free denture cleaners as payment

And the women have no teeth…

or morals

or c-snot :wink:

Signed up for the one in Glasgow :slight_smile:

Was at Novation’s last tour they did for The Bridge and it ended up a good night, should be the same crowd going to this one.

i wish they would have Tours closer where i live.