Novation ZeRO SL MkII any good?

I got a Novation Nocturn from my boss for x-mas, but I am considering upgrading it to the ZeRO SL MkII. My plan is to use for music production in Ableton Live. I already own a synth that I use as a MIDI keyboard. Does anyone have any opinions about the controller?

i have the 25sl mkii (same controls but has a keyboard as well)

its excellent

the remote sl has a crossfader which mine doesnt but other than that they are the same

its really good for ableton, and has automap which can use to control stuff in other daws

but if you have a nocturn you prob know that ! :stuck_out_tongue:

highly recommended

Yeah I have the same as chekka, really good controller/keyboard loads of buttons, knobs and faders that you can assign

Thanks for the feedback. I havn’t tried the Nocturn yet, so I’ not sure how good Automap is. It would be interesting to see a person using the Remote SL with Ableton in a music production context, but I haven’t managed to find any videos. I think I will get it even though it feel a bit like a leap of faith.

you wouldnt need automap with ableton - just use control + M to activate midi mapping and click on the thing you want to assign and then move the knob on the controller

automap is need for other daws and some plugins

I’ve got a Nocturn… I think its wicked.

Use it to control the mixer in logic. Works great with live. Best thing is that it shows the values in lights - and the pots are endless, which is something my regular midi kboard controller cant match.

Zero is cool cos it has names written over posts etc…

Give the nocturn a try. Even with your computer keyboard on mutes & the nocturn, you’ve a pretty powerful set up… especially if you have a normal midi keyboard too.

I got one and was super excited to get it

but then I later sold it

I am primary a Logic user and found there

to be allot problems and bugs with it.

I did not find it that magical to use

with all my plugs.

I guess you can just use any MIDI controller and

it will do the same job as Novation ZERO SL MkII.

I hope this helps.

To be fair you probably don’t need all the controls that you get on the zero unless your sure you will work that way.

I tend to use only a few controls on my sl and mostly the mouse