Now Accepting Paypal / 446

We have had a lot of requests for paypal at the checkout and unfortunately it has only been available for annual subscriptions - that is until now..

We are proud to announce that we have changed our checkout system to Paypal, so those of you with a paypal account can easily zip through the payment process, and those of you without (if there are any) will be un-affected - Oh yeh!

I’m having a problem with paypal. Trying to buy Kick 2 but I’m not getting an option to pay with my pay pal balance. When I add paypal and log in it then asks for credit card details. I don’t wish to use a card, that’s why I’m using pay pal. How can I complete my payment from my pay pal balance?


Our payment system requires a Paypal account with a registered credit / debit card associated with it to pre approve the transaction.

Whenever you process the payment - even if you select your credit card - it will still take the money from your account in the order of

1 - Paypal Balance
2 - Bank Account
3 - Credit / Debit Cards