Now Downloading Record Beta

I’ll Have a play over the next few days a let you know my first impression on propellerheads new software

So how are you finding Record, Jon?

different lol

the time stretch is out of this world, you can change from around 300 bpm with out to much damage to the sound of the file, the set up is very much like reason as you would expect and the effects units sound great.

i am no expert but i can notice a difference in the sound quality between record and reason. record sounds much cleaner.

it takes alot to get used to but im sure if you were a reason power user then you’ll probably pick it up in only a few days.

i don’t think i would ever change from live & logic but if your a reason user then i would seriously take a look.

if you are interested in taking a look i think i have some invites left for beta testing

Thanks for the invite Jon - please ignore the question in your inbox. I replied before reading this! I’m not quite sure about Record. I used Reason for everything before finding Ableton, but now when I go back to it don’t really enjoy the experience. Fiddling about with all the wires at the back really does my head in.

That said, I am curious about Record! I’ll let you know how it goes.

i really like reason when i want to play around and wire things together to see what i come up with, but i was very much in the same boat after using logic and live reason very rarely gets a look these days. record is no replacement in my view to logic, cubase or live but its a welcome package for any hardcore reason user.

I tried Logic for a short while but sold it as I found Ableton was overall more versatile with a more ‘hands-on’ feel. That said, the instruments and effects in Logic are mind blowing, particularly when you bear in mind the price. Have you tried Logic 9 yet? Is there anything substantially different from 8?

i’ve not tried logic 9 yet i am happy with how 8 works can’t really warrant the extra for the upgrade