Hi everyone!

Just a little snippet of something I’ve been working on.  Any feedback is welcome.  I want to check especially if there’s anything wrong with the mix (it might be quite bass-heavy for some systems and become distorted), or if there’s anything annoying in there.  I’ve been listening too much, I don’t hear it anymore… :hehe:

Any ideas on whether I should put a synth extra on it, or try an extra vocal, or something like that are always very appreciated :slight_smile:


<EMBED height=81 type=application/x-shockwave-flash width=“100%” src= allowscriptaccess=“always”> Mercury by Nico W

on my hifi system sounds alright, didnt have a chance to check on my monitors, but the bass sounds good. I dont really know the deep house genre, im more of an electro, progressive house guy but either way culd use some mastering, watch the mastering course here on Sonic Academy. it should beef it up, and you can remove some of the bass, its not all about how loud the bass is that makes it fat, u gotta eq and stuff. Perhaps if u lowered the bass, the mix would be more clear, and have a better punch… So id focus on that, maybe it can use another synth on top, but againn i dont really know the genre, maybe a light high frequency synth, thats EQed so its nice and light in the mix. good luck with it, keep producing

I am using a jbl hifi and I am getting a good sound quality with an excellent bass. Now, can you please provide me a link for that thread where I can find more about a soinc tutorial.

Hi K&S,

There’s no mastering on this track.  I’m trying to work it out without any mastering because I’ve noticed that mastering can put a bias on EQ-settings.  So untill my mixdown is almost finished I try to keep the masterchannel as clean as possible.

Good idea about the bass-eq!  I ended up putting a HP-filter with a very low cutoff-frequency on both the bass and the kick and it made the bass come through much clearer on my small JBL’s.  The Yamaha’s could take it fine in the version that’s online, but when I switched to the JBL’s it seemed to become a bit messy around the low end. But the extra filters work great: almost no real impact noticable on the yammies, but a world of difference on the JBL’s.

Thanks for the input!

glad u appreciate the advice :slight_smile: for the kick i would be careful cutting the low end. usually u want the kick to be nice and low, and the bass to sit on top a little bit higher up on the frequency spectrum. so id say kick should be boosted around 50-80 hz then lowering right around 130 hz: but leaving some top end for the knock of the kick. the bass then would be cut at 130hz to mix in with the kick. try it out and see if it works for u, maybe its not ur style u can boost other areas and these suggestion numbers are certainly not definite U should use ur ears to find the real sweet spots. but jus realize that when u add a frequency u should try to remove the same frequency from other tracks to mix better. it doesn’t matter so much how they sound alone (soloed) as much as how they all sound together. and btw i meant a separate master project, i don’t do anything to my master bus in the original track project, everything is exported and then mastered separately, which u should try after watching the tutorial on mastering here.


Yeah im a huge Deep fan, and this is great! to be honest i wasnt expecting much with the bassline at the start… it seemed grooveless, then it opened up more and i was bopping! mix is very clean too… well done!

Sounds good to me. Nice deep house tune. Post the full track when you’re finished.