Nu Disco Up!

Ask and yee shall receive. I’m looking forward to checking this out when I get home.

Holla SA! Big ups!

bugger’s lol, just as i’m about to go back for my seven day shift again.

well done guys checked out the promo vid and it looks really good. can’t wait!!!

looking forward to watching these when i get of work

Just finished the tute really well done s.a, another stomper:)

Excelent as always Sa well done keep em comming

Well done!!! Easy to follow. I’m digging the chord and scale trick.

Nu Disco is great !


NU DISCO IN THE HOUSE :slight_smile:

YES CHILDREN WE ARE FREE AT LAST!..Thank you SA. Been waiting for this for soooooooooooooooo long. In my opinion this tutorial sounds like the most current to todays market so well done guys!!

you know what guys, I was curious… Is this a popular genre in the UK and in Europe? I was wondering because I have never heard this over here in the United States.

this to me was not a popular style, however, as it was a very different style to what im used to it made a nice change.

still only managed to watch the first video because of gigs and the utter excitement that was Serato/Ableton/NAMM news but looking forward to getting stuck in early next week :slight_smile:

[quote]phunkbeat (1/14/2010)[hr]Nu Disco is great !


You look like someone called erol that i know ,cant really tell from your pic though, you from london? :slight_smile:

Half way through the videos at the moment, really good!

Havn’t looked at the vids but downloaded the project file. Nice stuff SA Team