Numark NS7

I think I’m going to buy one of these soon. Anyone had a play yet? Any good?

I own one of these. They are pure quality, built like a tank! Vinyl emulation is excellent on these and very easy to use. If your serious about DJing out with one of these I recommend a fast MacBook Pro. I bought a MacBook Pro 2.53 dual core, 4gb ram primely for running Serato Itch. If you are planning on using a PC theres a very good chance your going to run into problems with it. I’ve brought the NS7 on a good few gigs over the past two months and it’s run without any hick ups!

Downsides are there are no effects currently for it but there should be in the future and there is talk of Itch running videos as well.

And its extremely heavy!!!

Wicked, thanks Kaz, I’m going to order one any day now!

No probs mate

Can you loop on this thing and is there a master tempo button / feature?

Yeah theres a loop function. Nope, there’s no master tempo as of yet. Itch will match the bpm but not the beats if you get what I mean.

Ah, what I mean though is does it have a feature whereby it keeps the key when you move the platter so it doesn’t go out of pitch when doing adjustments. (it’s called master tempo on the pioneer gear)

Ta Kaz