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OB-6 Bass Soundscapes

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Transport yourself to a spaceship a million light years away; march into battle with a hundred-thousand bloodthirsty orcs; fly through the clouds in a state of eternal blissful. These are just some of the moods captured by the mighty OB-6 Bass Soundscapes sample-pack, produced by Diamaudix Audio.
A soundtrack composers dream, this pack boasts an impressive 3+ hours of evolving analog soundscapes, utilizing the full power of the modern-day-classic OB-6 Analog synthesizer. “Forgotten Nebula”, “Insectoid Invasion”, and “Dimensional Transformation” are some of the names given to the individual sounds, each labelled with key information.

Great pack, I own the synth and this pack really captures the silky smooth sort of Sci Fi vibe of the Obie. SEM filters FTW! Awesome sounds in the preview, it just inspired me to do something I hadn’t thought of :slight_smile: