Off beat bass - volume / power loss


Been working on my track and getting to grips with low end EQ.

First 8 bars are bangin’ when it’s a straight D note, however, once the I change the bass line to match the chord progression it changes, with lose of power and perceived change in volume.

What can I do to tidy this up please?

HI there @Spoon242

That can be due to many reasons, from sound choice to notes patterns used, frequencies masking, mixing levels and gain staging between tracks. Side-chaining your chords to the bass track might help but sometimes it’s good to go back to the individual track and choice of sound. You can get a killer bass-line on its own but when you start to play it with other elements in a mix it won’t work that well. The Bass sound length, midi notes placement ( off-beat or on-beat or playing on the chords ) , tonality & frequencies are areas to look at. Filtering extra low end and using EQ and side-chain might help but again, is the bass sound right in the context of the mix ??

Hard to tell much more since it’s rather specific for each track in the end, maybe getting a rough Mix done and posting a link in the “Track Feedback” category on the forums could help to get more detailed feedback.

If you plan to do this, just create a new topic in this category :