Off topic posts

theres a lot of off topic **** going on… it makes putting a title on a topic totally pointless if it always ends up about curry, arses or that time roben said that thing about that stuff or whatever.

Ive tried to refrain from interfering with the forums as much as possible but in the interest of the people who might be here to get useful info on whatever the topic is I will be deleting anything that I deem to be irrelevant to the topic at hand.

*cue loads of off topic nonsense no doubt.:crazy:

your gonna be busy man!

you mean even more busy…

Its simple really… use the off topic forums for OT banter and keep relevant stuff for the relevant topic.

Yes please come back to the OT forum!! That place has been boring lately.

Thanks Phil :slight_smile:

you need another mod

Lol Slender like you have your sayings in England in Holland we say dont wake up sleeping dogs (roughly translated). Im sure you have a similair version of this in the Uk. Even though the year of private messagin and going public was a joke i do feel kinda guilty lol. But on a whole different note, friends its finally safe outside! We can post topics again!!! With no fear of the TT coming in and hijacking your thread!!! Their reign of terror is finally at an end! Lets run out into the streets holding hands and sing songs of joy, before going back inside and posting threads getting nothing but usefull, relevant and most important of all ON TOPIC replies!

Long live the resistance :smiley:

this thread has been hijacked already

If Jan had an Avatar, what would it be?

News just in!!!

[quote]Roben (22/11/2010)[hr]News just in!!!


you are 100% on topic as this topic is about not being off topic so being off topic will be on topic.

right im off to play fifa! dont break the internet you pack of ****s:D

@ Phil - Class! :laugh:

Im still waiting for an avatar of a little man pissing on Richie Hawtins xmas dinner lol i kid :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]jjdejong0 (23/11/2010)[hr]Im still waiting for an avatar of a little man pissing on Richie Hawtins xmas dinner lol i kid :P[/quote]

now thats funny :smiley:

The real reason is that he cant figure out how to do it on his iphone! :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :cool: