Offbeat Tracks - Ableton Live


When I used to use Technics, you’d occasionally get the odd off beat track, which I suppose some folks would’ve skimmed on until the first beat and cued it from there. I used to drop the track in at either side of the beat, instead. This seemed to have worked for me.

It doesn’t seem to be possible to do this in Ableton, even skimming on to the first beat is a problem, 'cause when you try and mix your next track Ableton doesn’t seem to understand anything not perfectly on beat and drops it out of time. It doesn’t double-beat, but it sounds like crap.

Am I doing it wrong?

Are you going into your warped track and setting up your start point?

Remember to right click and select ‘warp from here (straight)’

The tracks are warped perfectly. Like I said, there are lots of records like this too. It’s as if there’s either an extra beat’s worth of music or a beat is missing from the track, so if you’re using vinyl/cds you have to drop the track before or after you’d normally cue. I’m trying to find a Youtube vid to demonstrate what I’m talking about.