OHMStudio not vapourware then it seems!

OHMStudio not vapourware then it seems!


oooooooh this looks like it has real potential!!! thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I would rather have the power on your computer. Will this be all cloud computing or will it partially be housed on your home computer?

i guess you will have all the plugins etc on your own PC and it will just share the project in the cloud

this is the future! two guys sitting next to echo-ther, communicating via internet :stuck_out_tongue:

its great idea, lets hope that major DAWs pick up on it. Closed system like reason would be perfect for it,

thanks for sharing btw :slight_smile:

I posted this the other day it’s pretty impressive all said and done.

From everything I have read the client lives on your machine locally using your power, but it sync super quick. So it relys on your own CPU.

Kinda cool idea, I know ableton tried a sharing thing with live and didn’t pull it off. Other plug ins are available for this stuff, but this would all be native so work better.